AutoCorner Interior Panorama

How to Take Beautiful Interior 360 Panorama

To add interior panorama images to the vehicle pages on your website you will need a special camera that is capable of taking photos in the proper format required to make this feature work. We recommend the Ricoh Theta SC2 model camera as it is easy to use and produces a very high quality image.

Equipment Needed

  • You can purchase the Ricoh Theta SC2 here on Amazon.
  • A decent tripod can be purchased here on Amazon.
  • After obtaining the hardware, download the "Ricoh Theta" app from your respective Apple or Android app store to control the camera with your phone. You can identify it by the "Ricoh Theta" icon.

Simple Steps to Take a Photo

  • Either app is fairly easy to use assuming you are at all familiar with using apps on your phone to connect with other devices.
  • One note and that is there is a specific point in using the app where you will be presented with the panorama image just taken and you will be asked to transfer it.
  • It will located be under a tab titled "Not Transferred".
  • When you do this, the little round icon for your panorama image will disappear from the list you are currently viewing and will now be found under the tab titled "Transferred".
  • You will need to go to the "Transferred" tab to find the panorama image
  • Once there, tap on the icon and you will see your panorama onscreen.
  • At the top of the screen you will find a "share" link.
  • Tap this, and from the choices given, choose the "Share using other methods" selection.
  • Here you will be able to attach it to an email which you will send to yourself.
  • The purpose of emailing it to yourself is so you can get the panorama image saved to your desktop where it will now be available for you to upload using the AutoCorner management system.

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