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Have you considered using Craigslist to help you sell more cars? You should! The platform is making massive changes to the way used car dealerships sell their vehicles. Yes, Craigslist is charging for ads now, however, it is a small price to pay for the incredibly boosted chances of making a sale. Paying for a Craigslist ad is one of the best ways you can advertise your dealership.

AutoCorners Craigslist Tools Make Posting to Craigslist a few clicks away, without the headache!

1. Less Competition

Not everyone is willing to pay for ads; weeding out the time-wasters and placing you in the spotlight. It has helped cut back on overcrowding and duplicate leads. Here's a real-world example, Phoenix has one of the most competitive used car markets, and since Craigslist started charging dealers to post ads, they went from having around 15,000 ads daily to just 1,500. That's a 90% decrease, making your ad 90% more likely to be seen!

2. It Really Works.

Craigslist happens to be the 10th most popular website in America. One small investment up Cfront can and will dramatically boost your chances of making a sale. Let's say you post ads for 10 of your top cars, which would amount to $60 you spend on extra advertisement. How much money would you potentially make? We're guessing quite a bit more than the $60 you spent. Plus, it always has the potential of pulling people in to find other vehicles on your lot that they like.

3. No More Riff-Raff.

To this day, many people on many websites post ads up to hundreds of times a day drowning your dealership and inventory out. With Craigslist paid ads this problem becomes a thing of the past. People will not spend that amount of money or that much time trying to keep all of their inventory at the top. Craigslist does allow you to boost your posts after 48 hours to help you bring it back to the top for consumers without having to pay again, but this does not renew the ads lifespan.

4. Massive Viewership

Did you know that over 9.2 million used car ads have been viewed on Craigslist to date? There are over 50 MILLION Americans that use Craigslist every year for different things. They could decide to look at vehicles at any time and fall in love with a vehicle you have. You never know who might be waiting for your ad right now.

5. It's Easy.

Copying and Pasting is the way of the past. AutoCorner has upgraded to allow easy and efficient Craigslist Postings for individual or multiple vehicles and locations with the click of a button. This feature is available to all customers at the rate of $6 per Ad and will save you an average of 15 minutes PER VEHICLE by the time you upload all your photos and add in all the information required. The powerful features allow you to schedule your craigslist ads throughout the week with just a few simple clicks. No longer must you log in every day and choose your ads. Setup your campaign whenever it is convenient and watch the leads come rolling in. Time is money, and we realize your time is valuable!

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