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Introducing AutoText™

Automatically Handles all Your SEO:

AutoCorner offers AutoText™ that builds your SEO for the vehicle pages for you. The AutoText™ only requires a few clicks of your mouse to select check boxes describing the vehicle to build a fully SEO optimized description paragraph about the vehicle.   This helps to improve your Organic Search Engine Optimization. This tool was designed with auto dealer SEO best practices in mind. It is fully integrated with VinMaxx™ to incorporate vehicle specifics. It generates properly syntactically correct sentences to save the dealer time and make the system easier to use. It handles all you <META> and <TITLE> tags. We are always adding and changing the AutoText™ to give the dealer a larger selection and variety for their inventory description and to better help with SEO.

Complete SEO Management Built-in

AutoCorner's built in set of SEO tools go far beyond just a simple description builder and keyword optimizer. Our system is out-of-the-box ready to handle all of your SEO needs without requiring you to spend precious time "tweaking" your keywords. Of course, if you want to have more fine grain control, the system gives you the full power to edit your SEO on a page by page basis.

AutoText™ & Vehicle Descriptions

By default, AutoText™ will automatically generate a Title Tag, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords for each vehicle without requiring you to manually type a single letter, but if wish you can also fine-tune your SEO to meet your specific branded image. By clicking the "Auto-Generate SEO" AutoText™ will generate a fresh set of keywords, description and title for your vehicle.

The system also provides you with a feature unique to the AutoCorner System, the "View Keyword List". This tool allows you to easily choose keywords that best match your vehicle and dealership branding. There are hundreds of pre-written phrases, broken into five different categories (EX: Promotional, Vehicle Specific, Financial, Parts/Service, Dealership).

While our system does support <META> keywords, please note that Google completely ignores them. The only reason we support them is for legacy search engines that use them.

Build High-Quality Backlinks

As an AutoCorner customer your inventory will be submitted to a network of high quality websites each with links back to your website. Collectively, these links back to your website help to improve your Google PageRank.

Keyword Based URL Paths

AutoCorner uses keyword based URL paths for inventory pages. These URLs include your VIN, Year, Make, Model, Trim Level, and your location (EX:

Location Keywords

The AutoCorner System will automatically place your major metropolitan and nearby locations in your website <META> keywords tag, <TITLE> tag, and page body.

WARNING: Geeky Computer Codes

Proper, page relevant, vehicle descriptions are essential

The Wrong Way:

<meta name="description" content="Used Cars Prospect Park PA,Kennett Square PA,Buy Here Pay Here Autos,Philadelphia,Used Cars Philly,Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Chester County PA,In House Auto Financing,Used Cars,Used Trucks, Used SUVs,Bad Credit Delco,Buy Here Pay Here Cars Delaware County PA,Buy Here Pay Here Car Loans,Auto Finance Delaware County,BHPH Car Lot Wilmington PA,Buy Here Pay Here Car Loans PA,Used Car Lots PA">

The Right Way:.

<meta name="description" content="2005 Mercedes Benz CLK 320 - This Mercedes Benz CLK 320 is waiting for you to take it home today. This is one of the cleanest, low mileage Mercedes Benzs we have had in a long time and it definitely won't last at this price. Whether hauling a heavy load or accelerating up to highway speeds, the 6 cyl engine is more than up to the task.">

<title> tags

Just so you are familiar with <title> tags, please look at the top of your computer screen, see the words "Automated SEO Tools for Car Dealers, powered by AutoText™ & AutoCorner" that is the <title> tag for this page. A <title> tag is just a piece of computer instructions in the web page's HTML source code that tells the browser what the name of the page is.

There are actually multiple purposes of a <title> tag, and, at the moment, we are only interested in how search engines use them. Most websites mistakenly put their company name as the first part of the <title> tag, but the problem with this strategy is your company name isn't what the customer is searching for. In the case of this website, most people that come here via a search result were probably looking for 'SEO optimization for their website', not necessarily how AutoCorner does it better. That is why our <title> tag is not 'AutoCorner: How we do SEO'. Making this a little more relevant to car dealers, take a look at the following google search engine results.

Notice how the company name is listed after the vehicle year make & model in the <title> tag. This is not by accident, it is by design. The reason for this is because customers are searching for "2008 Honda Element" or "2009 Chrysler Town & Country" not the name of your car dealership. But don't just take my word for it, here is Matt Cutts from Google:

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